Skin Care

7 Best Foods For Healthy Skin

What truly makes you beautiful? A healthy skin, which gives you confidence. You can go everywhere without wearing tons of makeup.
Consuming healthy food can help your skin problems. Protein-rich products are highly needed for your skin, per day average requirement of protein is 71 grams for men and 46 grams for women. Your diet is worth considering, Here I have collected up 7 best food for healthy skin.

Healthy food, Healthy skin!

1. Fish

For healthy glowing skin, fish would be the first thing of your diet plan its a very healthy food so have it twice a week. Fish oil contains omega 3 which is extremely good for the skin. It also works as a natural moisturizer. Salmon, Herring, Sardines, Sturgeon, and Tuna are highly recommended for those who want to have flawless and radiant skin. It could be beneficial for your other body organs as well.

2. Dairy Product

Dairy products are the most common thing we have in our life especially milk yogurt and cheese. They help to make your skin silky smooth. Milk and yogurt nourish your skin and they also work as a moisturizer.

3. Nuts

If you are feeling hunger, chew up some nuts. As they are an important supplement for making your skin youthful and smooth. Who would deny their benefits? They are full of nutrients that give you a natural glow.
Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, and hazelnut. You can include them in your daily diet, as they are packed with protein, fiber, vitamins and Omega 3. A handful of nuts offer a lot of benefits.

4. Eggs

For those who can’t afford expensive foods for skincare, eggs are the cheapest treasure. Packed with lots of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, that can help you with nourishment and they make your skin more glowy and beautiful. An egg contains 13 grams of protein. You can also use them as a face and hair mask, for instant results add up some other ingredients. Having them in your breakfast is a perfect time.

5. Berries

Beautiful berries make your skin beautiful. They can make your life colorful as they are. Vitamins and fiber-packed berries can prevent skin damage. also protects from skin cancer. Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries are helpful for skin as they contain Vitamin-C.

6. Fruits

Moreover, Fruits are also a great thing to consume for flawless skin. Such as Avacado is a superfood for skin and it contains Vitamin A, D, and E helps to protect your skin from UV rays. Watermelon is best for anti-aging as it contains antioxidants. If you want wrinkle less skin eat oranges, they are enriched in vitamin-C, Pomegranates can be used for skin regulating blood flow.

7. Vegetables

Make your diet fresh, Make your skin fresh! Vegetables play an important role in developing skin cells and giving you healthy skin.  Vitamin riched carrots help recover external wounds and helps with acne and sun damage. If you’re having dark circles and open pores, add kale in your diet, its antioxidants and rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C, and K. Spinach is highly packed with vitamins, magnesium, fiber and most importantly its iron-rich, a solution for all skin problems.

These nutrient-dense foods would add colors in your faded life due to skin problems. Make them part of your life for helping you to make your skin healthy and shiny.

Skin Care

Tips for Skin Care

Every second person desires to look beautiful and fresh like the rose petals. But in practical life firstly you have to take care of your skin that’s the most important thing which we neglect like this means nothing to us. Your flawless skin makes you more beautiful even without make. Yes, this is time-consuming but that’s not the excuse. This is something that affects your whole appearance. From where people start judgments. But rather than this fear you should do it for yourself. Good skin can give you confidence despite the fact that whats your skin tone.

The famous British actress Audrey Hepburn says “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

Can you visit the salon weekly for skincare?

No, that’s not possible, especially for working women, students and those who can’t afford expensive facials and cleansing even every month. They can add up few tips in their life which will give you the best result in weeks yet the easiest ones.

Here I’ve collected beneficial tips for you.

Moisturized Skin

Every skin type needs moisturization, even no restriction of seasons. There are many expensive products which you can add in your daily life routine but I would recommend you homemade moisturizers which will be unforgettable. Such as Honey, aloe vera gel and cucumber juice.


You are stepping out from home even without sunscreen, are you doing it right with your skin? A big NO! Sunlight can also be the reason for your dull skin. Sunscreen is the protection from UVB and UVA rays and you can also use it for skin aging issues, yet it makes your skin healthier.

Sleep Duration

The perfect sleep time for adults is about seven to nine hours. Not getting enough sleep can cause puffy bags, dark circles, and dryness. Lack of sleep disturbs your hormone system. Face your wash with the best product and be on your bed on-time, for sure stress-free sleep can make your skin healthy and more vibrant.


Hydrating your skin is the most important thing that can make your skin youthful. For best results increase the volume of water throughout the day. Apply water-based products. Facial masks can be used after bath. After opening pores, you can add up another mask that would be efficacious. Honey, oatmeal and olive oil are natural skin care products, which you can easily apply daily if needed.

Makeup Cleansing

Coming back from the gathering and wearing heavy makeup? Firstly you must go for cleansing. And choose the best product. Use baby lotion as cleanser would be great for the skin. Honey face wash, aloe Vera gel, and rose water gel are also useful for makeup cleansing and also they are good for the skin. Keeping it clear before sleep time is something you should not be careless about.


Furthermore, you can add proteins in your life if you want glowy skin all day long. Protein is useful for making and repairing tissues, especially it helps to maintain your skin health. here are some protein-rich foods. Fish (salmon and herring), dairy products (milk and cheese) and nuts (almonds and walnuts).

These must-try tips can make your skin radiant and youthful.